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Vaccinations & Travel Clinic

JCU Health offers and stocks all general immunisations, Government Scheduled immunisations as well as COVID19, Flu Vaccines and is a registered provider for Yellow Fever, QFever and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines.

We are staffed by a medical team that is not only experienced in immunisations for our best health but in the needs of seasoned, private and corporate travellers.

We have access to the most up-to-date travel health information, including outbreaks and disease prevention and provide advice to all thinking of travelling abroad.

As a clinic providing travel consultations, we stock a full range of vaccines for travel health and general immunisations. Some specialised vaccinations we provide are:

  • Q Fever vaccinations for those with exposure to livestock
  • Yellow Fever vaccinations required to travel to countries in South America and Africa. We are an approved provider of YF vaccinations by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • Japanese Encephalitis vaccines for travellers and government funded vaccines for those in industries requiring vaccination

We also provide important travel information and medications for malaria, travel sickness along with medical certificates and letters for travel.