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Telephone & Telehealth (Video) Appointments Available

23rd June 2020

From Monday 16 March 2020 we are offering telehealth and telephone appointments. We also have a dedicated clinic for patients who have symptoms of influenza or respiratory tract infections.

If you think you are at risk of having COVID-19, please take the Queensland Health Questionnaire and follow the advice on the website.

If you have a cold or flu like symptoms and you are not sure whether you should see a doctor or not, please phone (07) 4781 4495 for further advice

Would You Prefer a Telephone or Video Consultation?

In order to reduce the risk of people being exposed to others who may have flu or a cold, there is the option of having a telephone or telehealth consultation.

Certain categories of people are eligible for a medicare rebated telephone or telehealth (video) consultation or any reason.

These are:

  • People who are at high risk of having been exposed to COVID-19 as per the Queensland Health guidelines
  • People aged over 70 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 50
  • You are pregnant or have had a baby in the last 12 months
  • If you have a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease or severe mental ill health
  • If you have any condition or on any medication that suppresses your immune system 

If do not fit any of these categories, you are still able to choose a telephone or video consult. This will incur a charge of $40 for a short appointment and $80 for a long appointment. 

If you would like one of these appointments, please phone (07) 4781 4495, or book via our online booking system.

Influenza or Respiratory Tract Symptoms

If you are unwell with cold or flu symptoms and need to be seen, we have opened a dedicated clinic where you will be seen. Strict infection control measures will be in place in this clinic, which is downstairs from our main clinic.

Please can you phone (07) 4781 4495 for further information.

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