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Here at JCU Health we are pleased to offer a Midwifery Service, working alongside your GP and staff at Townsville University Hospital, otherwise known as ‘Shared Care’.

Our experienced midwives are dedicated to providing personalised care and support, working with your GP throughout your entire pregnancy journey. From prenatal care to postpartum check-ups, we are here to ensure the health and well-being of both you and your baby.

Our team will support you during your pregnancy ensuring a safe and comfortable delivery for both mother and baby through to care for the whole family after birth including post-partum health checks, telehealth services, home visits and baby health checks as well as offering emotional support and resources.

Keep your eyes on our both our website and Facebook page with information regarding education sessions and drop in clinic dates where you can come in have a cup of coffee, chat to our midwives. You can also have bub weighed and ask our midwives any questions or chat about any concerns you have. You might even meet some other mums and bubs too!

Already started your pregnancy journey and just finding out about this service and want to be apart of it!? The good news is that it is not too late, book your appointment today! No referral necessary.

Our Midwives are in clinic Tues through to Friday. Call our wonderful reception team on 47814495 to book your appointment with our midwifes today.