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JCU Psychology Clinic Referral Form

PLEASE NOTE: The current therapy waitlist time is 0-8 months. The current assessment waitlist time is generally 18 months from the time of referral. However, a shorter timeframe may apply after the referral has been triaged.

Client's Details

(Name, relationship, contact number)
(Student / Health Care / Pension / Veterans Affair)

Reason For Referral

(Please provide information about your key concerns)

Referrer Details

(e.g., GP, other medical / allied health professional, education professional)
(if applicable)


As the client, parent/guardian of client or referrer to the client, please read and acknowledge the following disclaimers to ensure you can be added to our waitlist in a timely manner. If you are unable to check off one or more of the following, you will need to find alternative referral pathways which we are happy to assist you with.