JCUHealth is a modern facility in Douglas, Townsville that can provide you with holistic health care in a family friendly setting. JCUHealth consists of JCUHealth General Practice Medical Centre (GP) and a number of Allied Health Teaching Clinics and services under one roof.

The accredited General Practice (business name JCUHealth Pty Ltd) offers 10 doctors to service the needs of the Townsville community. It is an independent and separate provider of general medical and associated services from the Allied Health Teaching clinics of James Cook University but works together with those Clinics, where appropriate, for patient care.

The Allied Health Teaching clinics of James Cook University, at JCUHealth provide services to the public as well as, providing opportunities for students to work and learn in an integrated health care environment. These are:

All clinics are open to the public.

Logos throughout the website are linked to further information on the clinics.

      PJCUHealth GP 2

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