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Speech Pathology

Open Hours

We are open! Telehealth sessions available for clients.

Monday and Wednesday 12:30-5:00
Tuesday 9:00-5:00
Thursday 9:00-1:00
Consulting times may vary at different times of the year.


Reception: 07 4781 4495
Fax: 07 4779 2739
Email: reception@jcuhealth.com.au

Who are we?

The JCUHealth Speech Pathology Clinic aims to provide high-quality speech, language, literacy and swallowing services to its clients on a personalised basis. The service is funded to provide Speech Pathology students the opportunity to observe, learn and develop their professional skills under the supervision of a qualified Speech Pathologist. As we actively support research related to the development of evidence‐based Speech Pathology practice, you may have the opportunity to participate in various research projects.

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What do we offer?

We provide up to date methods for assessing and treating a variety of communication and swallowing disorders for clients of all ages. Communication and swallowing disorders may result from issues before or at the time of birth (for example cleft palate or cerebral palsy, may become evident as children develop (such as difficulties producing clear speech or stuttering) or may be acquired or develop later in life, for example, following a neurological event such as a stroke, or as part of an acquired neurological condition such as Parkinson’s disease. Communication  problems include difficulties with:

  • understanding what is being said to you
  • expressing your needs and opinions
  • following directions in school or at home
  • using social communication skills to interact with family or friends
  • correctly producing speech sounds (e.g. “tup” instead of cup)
  • stuttering
  • reading and spelling
  • voice

We also provide:

  • Assessment and therapy for alternative communication
  • Assistance for people of any age wanting to alter their accent.
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How to refer

The focus of the service is to support families who are NOT currently receiving regular speech pathology services from a speech pathologist in the community or school. We accept referrals directly from

  • individuals and families; and
  • a range of health and educational professionals, including: GPs, paediatricians, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, teachers, and guidance officers.

Child referral – JCU Speech Language Clinic Paediatric referral
Adult referral – JCU Speech Language Clinic Adult referral

Go to the online referral form

Download the PDF form, complete electronically and save ready to print or email, or print and complete by pen. Forms can be submitted to JCUHealth reception by hand, mail, or email to reception@jcuhealth.com.au. Please provide sufficient information to help us select the most appropriate approaches for your first visit. The cost of our service is $50 for an initial assessment and $30 subsequent appointments.

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Speech Pathology Clinic Staff

  • Mandi Hollins – Clinic Leader
  • Gareth Lloyd – Clinical Educator
  • Chris Plant – Clinical Educator
  • Jacqui Lim – Clinical Educator
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