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Consulting times may extend outside 9:00- 5:00 pending specific clinic requirements.

What is the Interprofessional Clinic?

_C4A1625 cropped reduce web 50The JCU Health Interprofessional Clinic works in collaboration with community based organisations to provide much needed services.  Health professionals, students and discipline staff work in an Interprofessional team based setting to provide patient centred care in a clinical educational environment.

What is an Interprofessional Team?

_C4A1571 cropped reduced web 50An interprofessional team means that your health professionals work together to discuss and understand your health care needs. This approach allows you as the patient to tell your story once and, together, the team of health professionals will work to develop your treatment plan, allowing improved service and quality of care.

Community clinics in conjunction with JCUHealth IPC

Hear and Say

Hear and Say is a not-for-profit organisation which provides services and programs to children with hearing loss, young adults and families including  audiology, auditory-verbal therapy, occupational therapy and school hearing screening. We also provide Telepractice services online reaching out to rural and remote areas. Our aim is to help  children with hearing loss and those without hearing loss to hear, listen and speak so they can attend a regular school, have wider career choices and can more fully participate in their community. We are committed to using clinical research to measure outcomes.

For more information please contact our Head Office on 3850 2111 or visit our website : hearandsay.com.au

MS Queensland

MS Queensland provides a coordinated care service for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. We provide education, raise awareness and advocate on the behalf of those with MS.
For more information please contact Emily Mussap on (07) 4728 1811 or 0448 083 067, or visit our website: msqld.org.au

Neurology – Dr Mike Boggild

Dr Mike Boggild is a Neurologist, specialising in Neurology, with special interests in Multiple Sclerosis and related disorders.


Dr Boggild graduated from Leicester University in 1986 and went on to complete Neurology training in the UK, gaining additional experience at a number of centres in the United States in 1996. He then spent fifteen years as Consultant Neurologist at The Walton Centre for Neurosciences in Liverpool, UK, sub-specialising in the diagnosis and management of multiple sclerosis and related disorders. Having relocated to Townsville in early 2012 in search of a new challenge, he sees the potential to use his experience to develop an efficient and responsive Neurology service in regional North Queensland along with the opportunity to apply his sub-speciality interest in multiple sclerosis, experience which saw the Walton MS Service acknowledged as ‘Best Comprehensive MS Service in the UK’ and the subsequent establishment in Liverpool of the UK diagnostic service for neuromyelitis optica. He has a clinical research background, with over 50 peer reviewed publications and has already been an invited speaker at the Australia and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) meeting as well as being invited onto several national MS advisory boards. In addition to his sub-specialty interest he has extensive general neurology experience, having been the sole visiting neurologist to the Isle of Man (think motorbike races and tax haven) from 1997-2011 and is pleased to see adult patients across the full range of neurological disorders.  Dr Boggild and Nurse Specialist Ms Sharon Gray are on site to see patients every second Friday.

For more information please contact the MS Clinic on (07) 4433 2364


JCU Physio Neuro Rehab Clinic- Christopher Myers 

The JCU Physio Neuro Rehab Clinic provides a professional one-on-one physiotherapy service tailored to all those with a diagnosed neurological or developmental condition. The clinic specialises in providing assessment and rehabilitation services for individuals of all mobility levels across the lifespan. Common neurological and developmental conditions may include:

o   Autism
o   Brain injuries
o   Bell’s palsy
o   Cerebral palsy
o   Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
o   Developmental delay/ coordination issues
o   Downs Syndrome
o   Guillain-Barre Syndrome
o   Huntington’s disease
o   Motor neuron disease
o   Multiple sclerosis
o   Muscular dystrophy
o   Parkinson’s disease
o   Spinal cord injury
o   Stroke
o   Vertigo

The Physio Neuro Rehab Clinic is a modern facility, situated on Level 1 of the Clinical Practice Building.

For more information go to Physio Neuro Rehab Clinic

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